How can we ensure we have chosen a suitable candidate? The basic aim of personnel selection is the optimum suitability of the candidate for the position and organisational environment, over a reasonable period of time.

Selection is the mechanism that determines the overall quality of human capital within a company. It is, therefore, necessary to evaluate and expand information regarding the potential candidate, as well as weighing up and contrasting impressions from other evaluation techniques (personal interviews, group dynamics, task simulation, etc.).

til Quest possesses ASSESSMENT–valoRHa, a sophisticated, reliable HR evaluation tool that provides, in less than 24 hours, a comprehensive report and ranking for candidates, according to their aptness for the position.

Our evaluation service offers you a clear advantage when interviewing, given that you will have a comprehensive report of the candidate’s abilities . This will help you to make each interview more personalised, focusing on characteristics best suited to the professional profile you are looking for.

til Quest and its professional team are equipped to carry out selection processes, from standard operations to those on a large scale, in our corporate installations. However, if you prefer, we can set up your own evaluation system (valoRHa in company). This would enable you to carry out the evaluations directly, at your company or even organising the tests via remote systems (online).