Vocational orientation determines in which areas a person can have an advantage when developing an educational and/or professional path. The process of vocational orientation will give people an in-depth understanding of their intellectual and emotional potential, as well as their real professional preferences.

Our vocational assessment service constitutes the ideal complement for those people who wish to check, using a qualified system, in which areas of academic and/or professional development they are best suited and could enjoy future success.

A comprehensive evaluation session using our fully-updated testing system for vocational interests (CAMPUS-valoRHa), will determine the characteristics, interests, aptitudes and abilities of the person being evaluated. In addition it will indicate the most appropriate options for them.

CAMPUS-valoRHA provides a reliable base for those professionals in orientation and education, who are able to go into greater depth in personal interviews, guaranteeing improved advice as to which path the person being evaluated should follow.

CAMPUS-valoRHA makes it easy to determine the most suitable options for the person being evaluated: the occupational field in which he/she is capable (possesses the necessary potential) and the specific option he/she wants (the thing he/she would like to do)..

Our service is aimed at:

  • students: describing their abilities, performance, motivation and interests, intelligence and aptitudes, as well as their personality. From this information, they will be shown what possibilities the academic and professional worlds realistically offer them, so that they can find their vocation. Consequently, they will be able to take informed decisions, in accordance with their characteristics and environment.
  • parents: should collaborate and participate in the orientation process, being duly informed about the current educational and labour realities. In this way, they will be better qualified to advise and support their children’s academic decisions..
  • Centres of education / schools: should offer their students an adequate orientation service and continuous assessment, thereby preparing them for academic and professional diversity and mobility. In addition, students should be kept informed about new studies, current trends and requirements in the labour market, technological changes, etc. as and when they arise.