The Company

til QUEST is a Human Resource Consultants specialised in the processes of evaluating personnel y and vocational orientation. Our extensive experience in the sector, together with continuous improvements to our evaluation tool (valoRHa), allows us to offer services to companies (managing the human factor) and individuals alike (evaluation of personal skills, suitability for professional careers, etc.).

til QUEST boasts its own Evaluation Centre that guarantees a high level of reliability in evaluating and measuring human potential , while assessing the suitability of professional skills required to cover any position within an organisation. It evaluates everything from the most basic positions, involving repetitive activities, to those that require a high degree of specialisation or even an executive profile.

til QUEST offers organisations the expert evaluation system valoRHa, helping and complementing the work of HR professionals, from all types of companies, in an effective, convenient way.

Human Resource and Vocational Orientation