Vocational orientation, in the professional sector, is the assessment process needed to help people faced with uncertainties concerning their current, and future, professional situation.

Frequently, job satisfaction is linked to the interest shown by a person towards their work. This interest can vary throughout their professional career. For that reason, at til QUEST we believe in a professional orientation process that enables the person being evaluated to match their interests to their skills, personality and ability, in order to guide them towards a realistic career goal.

ADVICE-valoRHa is a scientific-technological solution that determines in which areas a person can possess an advantage, in order to develop a professional career successfully.

ADVICE-valoRHA contributes to discovering the professional field a person is capable of succeeding in (possesses the potential) and the specific option he/she wants to aim for (the thing he/she would like to do).

Orientation is not a one-off process, but rather a continuous one, and as such ADVICE-valoRHa can be applied at any given moment of someone’s life: from young people who are unsure about their academic and/or professional options, to professionals who are looking to match their interests to the needs of the labour market.