On occasion, it is difficult to ensure that the new functions are carried out satisfactorily and consequently, both profitability and productivity will fall for a particular position. On other occasions, adapting to a position is not possible due to a lack of skills or personal motivation.

The current situation is pushing organisations to find new ways of boosting know-how, experience, talent and workers’ energy. The latent value of human resources is a key factor in achieving strategic goals.

A company that values its employees can count on committed, experienced people who are active and will find it easier to tackle complex situations, such as the one we are currently facing.

At til QUEST we want your company to achieve its goals and obtain qualified, motivated personnel who are placed within your organisation according to their abilities, aptitude and emotional characteristics. Using ASSESSMENT- valoRHa, we are able to carry out a fast, objective assessment of human capital. Interests, motivation, skills, characteristics of personality, etc. are detailed in a comprehensive report that will aid the professionals and/or people in charge of human resources to get to know their employees better.